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Half Body Massage  £25 25 mins

Can be tailored to your needs using Swedish

massage techniques.


Full Body Massage  £40 55 mins

Using mixed techniques to give you the

treatment you need.


Pregnancy Massage  £40 1hr £30 30mins

Trained by midwives, this treatment is specifically designed for pregnancy from 3 months onwards. It can be targeted for your own needs and is done safely and comfortably. It can help the body prepare for birth and helps to destress and relax tight muscles.

Opulence Massage

Alternative Treatments

Reflexology  £36 55 mins

Pressure point massage for the foot. Includes

pre and post foot and leg massage.



Hopi Ear Candles £35 45 mins

Relaxing treatment that can help to relieve congestion within the ear and sinus area. includes facial massage.


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Opulence Treatments